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Something is wrong with my FLS7 [nvrmnd]

2008-06-22 12:41:01 by Xellx

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There is something wrong with my fruity loops studio program. I hope someone can help me with it.

Right now, when i hit play to listen to the song i'm working on, it switches to an elipsis [...] on the button, i've never seen it do this before, (see screeny).

I've checked everything i can thing of, and my speakers are plugged in, and working for other fruity loop sounds, like if i click an instrument. It wont play the individual patterns either. :/

I hit some random keyboard buttons and its fixed itself...not sure what was wrong. XD

Something is wrong with my FLS7 [nvrmnd]


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2008-07-01 19:04:04

I'm sorry


2008-07-26 04:08:11

maybe you got a volume shortcut on your keyboard


2010-06-21 10:30:08

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