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2009-09-06 02:28:07 by Xellx

I think I might be coming back to Newgrounds finally!

Took a long break, forgot how to use FL. Now I believe I'm going to begin again. Lol

Set up all new images and stuff here, made a l33t banner and such. All that Jazz.

Hopefully you'll be getting some nice muzic from me soon :D


Something is wrong with my FLS7 [nvrmnd]

2008-06-22 12:41:01 by Xellx

Where am I? See my account list>

There is something wrong with my fruity loops studio program. I hope someone can help me with it.

Right now, when i hit play to listen to the song i'm working on, it switches to an elipsis [...] on the button, i've never seen it do this before, (see screeny).

I've checked everything i can thing of, and my speakers are plugged in, and working for other fruity loop sounds, like if i click an instrument. It wont play the individual patterns either. :/

I hit some random keyboard buttons and its fixed itself...not sure what was wrong. XD

Something is wrong with my FLS7 [nvrmnd]

Lol whut?

2008-06-18 09:05:29 by Xellx

No one has added me on here, so i don't know who's gunna read it. But just as a general message to anyone who happenes to stop by and listen to my music- I havn't put any new up for a while, thats because for quite a while I couldn't get FLS7 to work with my stupid Vista computer, but it does now. So i'm just waiting for a new routine to start, cause i'm starting a job soon ;)